The Enslavement of Women’s Character


Today’s women remain enslaved. The illusion that the women’s liberation movement developed resulted in furthering their chains in society. Instead of embracing self-acceptance, the false dilemma that unless their mentality became aggressive and masculine, that they, as a person, remain weak and worthless. Instead of society accepting the differences of women from men, it desires to force them into a mold, shaping them all the same, in the name of equality.

What is equal? Is equal the same in terms of responsibility? The teachings of the women’s liberation movement taught us that. Women must enslave themselves, according to the feminist movement, conforming to traits not natural to them in order to be equal. Feminists teach that women must learn to not value themselves for who they are but to change to become like a man. Equality is not, and never should be, defined by the exact type of responsibilities. Equality is being treated with respect, and to have similar legal rights.

For some examples, a wife does not need to bring home the same income to be equal in worth to her husband. She does not need to do the exact same thing as her husband; in fact, that would make her disposable. She would no longer be needed, as she merely repeats the same job. The duties of establishing and securing a household is not a lesser responsibility nor does it make a woman inferior to a man. Now, they are obligated to work and provide for the family, when once this was the husband’s responsibility. Instead of children having a mother and a father, they now have two father-like figures. The illusion teaches that the feminine traits and graces count as asthenic and undesirable. That if they do not act as a man, then they remain substandard by society. Instead of accepting differences, feminists taught that women must become masculine if they want to be “equal”.

Another example of this is feminists in athletics; some young women believe they are physically capable of competing against a man in masculine sports. This, however, again teaches young women to not accept themselves that they are physically smaller. When they fail, and they will if playing on a field where no exceptions are made for women, they will feel unaccepted and frustrated, not to add the likelihood of severe injury. This only encourages a high and lofty ego that is unsustained, creating a large potential for a traumatic drop once the realization of inability sets in. The idea does nothing more than encouraging a fantasy in young women and setting them up for disaster.
Instead of pretending to be something they are not, women should be rebellious against modern society. With the love of Christ, they should embrace our femininity, to accept themselves. To show His grace to others, and that being “strong” in the eyes of this world is actually a weakness of not accepting oneself. If we, man or woman, reject who we are made to be and live in a pretend world to escape reality, then we are weak. God created us this way for a reason, and all should show the grace of God in the way that He desires us to. We should not be ashamed if it is our calling to manage a household, nor should we be ashamed because we may not be “tough-minded”. Don’t let the illusion of liberty that feminism portrays deceive you; instead realize where true liberty is. It is contentment. Contentment in who we are, and we should allow the grace of God perfect us in love. Instead of trying to prove our worth to the world, let us instead reflect the love of the Savior. It is only in Him that we can obtain this contentment. Let us no longer be pulled down by this lie, but live victoriously in Christ!


  1. Very well put. In our society’s rush to embrace and empower women, we are losing both the definition of what it is to be feminine and what it is to be masculine. We will either end up in a “utopian” society where everything and everyone is the same, or society will implode. Likely the later.
    Many people blame the Bible for giving a poor view of women. However, if you come at it from a Hebrew perspective (in which it was written), you will discover the great worth put on women and men. They are not the same, but have equal standing before God our creator.

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  2. Yes indeed, and should the differences between male and female cease, would it truly be utopian, or rather a form of torturing? God created us male and female, I should think that to dissolve aspects of our being would end up in misery.

    Many cultures at the time disregarded women and treated them as livestock rather than humans, but God provided a security against that.

    Thank you for your comment!


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