Seeking the Face of God

The brokenness of the soul leads one to utmost despair. Why do we lament and weep when blessings abound? The depravity of mankind from God, from whence eternal death exists, leads to a depressed state of the body in all aspects. When, through our own wills, we isolate ourselves from His light. We crave Him, but cannot access Him; desiring His good, but unable to obtain it.
What are our wills, that we desire God but through our wills unable to see Him? Though we can recognize good, we are unable to be good; needing a binding agent to connect our spiritual craving with our conscience will. This agent is found in Christ alone. His death purged us from our iniquity, which isolated us from Life. Life, flowing from the blessed Fount of Salvation.
Though we fight against Him in our natural state, His patience abounds in great measures towards us. The law He created to keep us safe, we spit and trampled on, regarding it as worthless and invalid. He loved us yet, but we loved not Him. But through His love, our own wills became subject to conquest and submitted to His love.
Even after we become Christians, our wills still attempt to wrestle control from God, as Jacob wrestled with Him. Our natural physical state remains imperfect, hence why we are still prone to depression. Our very own wills show us no love, but rather self-hatred. We know that God offers hope, security, and patience, yet we rebel! For what reason? Under the pretense of independence and confidence, we inflict pain and damage upon our very being. Feeling this pain, we then attempt to pull away from God further, increasing our distance, and sometimes blaming Him for causing our misery. Yet He loves continually …


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